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Build Your Associate Practise

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Build Your Practice As An Associate With Us

Our brand, your practice

Your individual practice with the backing of a global team

Have everything you need to build a practice with a leading global mediation organisation.


This is a great opportunity for individuals and small panels to enhance your reputation and have the support of our Branch Directors without the headache of constant self-promotion and struggling to compete in a crowded marketplace, and the increasing cost of providing your services.


As an Associate, you will have an office address, contact details, and access to systems and documentation to enable you to run your practice through us.

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Associateship Features

Our Associates benefit from access to everything you need to succeed. Just add insurance and you're ready to go!

  • Access to one of our Virtual Offices

  • Access to Branch telephone number

  • Your own direct telephone line linked up to our central call team

  • Call handling by our national team – never miss an enquiry!

  • Case and enquiry management for your matters through our Central Team

  • Align with our national rates

  • Offer our full range of services to clients

  • Standard documentation and processes

  • Training and skills updates

  • Data Protection Officer Support

  • Compliance Officer

  • Mentoring Support

  • Profile Website - built as part of your set-up

  • Group Business Development meetings and resources

  • Use of our Associate logo and Associate Status

Work From Home

Access All The Systems You Need!

Gmail Business Suite 
Google Meet Me 
Google Docs 
Google Slides 
Good Excel 
Branded Email Domain 
Templates and Compliance

Stage 1 - Earning money as an Associate

Associates are eligible for work which comes through Mediator Network.


As an Associate, you’ll be managing your enquiries and client relationships with the support of the Senior Management Team. 


You’ll be directing all your enquiries through to our Senior Management Team to manage and shall be an ambassador for Totally ADR Ltd where you are.


Our model is based on mediation hours, and we’ll be expecting you to conduct around 10 mediation hours per month as a minimum.


We’ll work with you to raise your profile as an Associate and to find work and opportunities and to help you achieve this.

We shall process all fees, paperwork, and preparation for mediation services. 

Stage 2 - Getting started

Complete the online application below and speak to your local Branch Director. We’ll discuss your current situation and options. If you are accepted as an Associate, we will take you through the next steps.

You’ll need to evidence that you:

  • Have completed formal skills training as a mediator (ideally with one of our Approved Providers) and 6 hours’ Continued Professional Development (CPD) in the preceding 12 months of your application.
    Have independent Professional Indemnity Insurance covering mediation in the jurisdiction(s) you wish to practise in (our Associates are eligible for discounted insurance).
    Are competent to practise

How this can be evidenced:

  • Complete a Totally ADR Diploma in McKenzie Friend Studies or Executive Mediation. 
    PLUS certificates from providers of training courses for your CPD
    Reflective practice of 2 mediations or co-mediations and/or client testimonials
    Certificate of current Professional Indemnity Insurance
    Interview with one of our Senior Management Team
    PLUS an observation by one of our Senior Management Team and/or submission of a reflective practice account for review

Stage 3 - Cost to become an Associate

Becoming an Associate is the most cost effective way to build a McKenzie Friend, Mediation and Dispute Resolution practice.

Associateship starts from £180 per month per McKenzie Friend or Mediator plus a one-time setup fee of £180.

You’ll be working with us for a minimum of 12 months and then you can renew for another year with us. 

You'll get an hour's Business Development support each month included as part of your package. Bolt on additional hours to supercharge your practice.

Get started today...submit your application