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Small Claims

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Legal advice, support and representation for your matter

When facing the Small Claims Court, as either Claimant or Defendant, you will be expected to know the process of the hearing as well as preparing all documents in advance.


Many claims fail because Litigants in Person do not fully understand the processes or procedures involved. We will work with you to provide the support needed to commence or defend your claim.


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What is a Small Claim?

Small Claims are any cases with a value of up to £10,000. These can include for example: issues between individuals and or small business, neighbour and property matters, money and debt repayment issues, tenancy relationship (including disrepair, rent arears etc.) and anything else which meets the Small Claims Court criteria.


Small claims can be as simple as parties disagreeing amounts owed or a breach of contract.

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Representation Support for your Small Claim

Unlike other County Courts, Small Claims Courts allow anyone to represent you. At Totally ADR Ltd, we provide qualified and insured representation in the Small Claims Court to provide peace of mind. Our Advocates have vast experience in representing clients in a variety of matters and can assist you with your case.


How long are Small Claims hearings?


Small Claims are ordinarily dealt with in one hearing before a District Judge in Court and last for around 2 hours in length. However, there may be a preliminary hearing for the Court to determine issues of Law or decide issues with respect to case directions.


Why do I need representation for my Small Claim hearing?


Without the right representations you may have a County Court Judgement made against you which would affect your credit rating an eligibility for personal loans and mortgages. This is likely to cause further issues with respect to both your personal and business (if relevant) financial standing.


If your claim fails, you may be ordered to pay the Defendant's legal costs or potentially have a Counter Claim award against you.

Why work with Us for your Small Claim?

Here are some of the reasons people choose work with us:


  • We take a personal approach to supporting you with your claim

  • Our team of experts think outside the box

  • Your best interests are our top priority

  • We are regularly recommended by our clients and professionals who use our services.

  • 94% of claims we handle are settled successfully

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